2017 LINK OF CINE-ASIA Video clip

2016 FORUM Video clip


  • Day 1 (10.15)
  • Day 2 (10.16)
  • Day 3 (10.17)
 Day 1 (10.15)
 BIZ Project Pitching
It is time to introduce 5 representative works projects, invited in the Cine-Biz ASIA(Business Matching) program. The project participants perform their own presentations through direct presentation of the project.
  Date 10:00~11:30, October 15(Sun), 2017
  Venue Capri Room(2F), Paradise Hotel, Haeundae
No Title Presenter Genre Country
1 Across Time Ellery Ngiam Feature Film Singapore
2 Before We Say Goodbye Sujung Kim Feature Film Korea,Japan
3 Collapse Chuck Chae Feature Film China
4 Magadir Sidi Saleh Feature Film Indonesia
5 VOLT EPIC Project : Ground Zero Lee Hyun Suk VR Contents Korea
 BFC Project Pitching : Busan Film Project Promotion Showcase : BIRDS UP
Busan Film Commission has launched a new promoting event being called 'BUSAN Film Project Promotion Showcase: Birds Up'. It is the promotion event announcing new projects from new screen writers and film-makers in Busan. Busan Film Commission has provided diverse nurture programs for supporting promising screen writers and filmmakers for years. 'Birds Up' will be the opportunity and great leap for Busan creators and visitors to know this unknown possibility. This year we have 7 projects will be unveiled with variety of genres and stories.
  Date 13:30~15:00, October 15(Sun), 2017
  Venue Capri Room(2F), Paradise Hotel, Haeundae
No Title Presenter Genre Country
1 Cop&Robocop LIM Seoyoung Feature Film Korea
2 First Man KIM Hyeseong Feature Film Korea
3 Military Band KIM JinTae Feature Film Korea
4 Sweet Lie Band KIM Seunghyeob Feature Film Korea
5 The First Journalist LEE Byeung Gil Feature Film Korea
6 The New Town KIM Byung june Feature Film Korea
7 Yu-Myeong Law Firm LEE Yunsoon Feature Film Korea
 Session 1 : Technology 1 Co-hosted by ARRI(Sponsored by BIFF)

LARGE FORMAT in Cinema - “Visual Tools in Storytelling”

This session is arranged by ARRI as celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding with Digital Bay and BIFF. In the session of ‘Technology’, Tom Stern, a cinematographer who have long worked with Clint Eastwood, is invited to deal with the issue of large format. As ‘Okja’ was shot in a large format, more people are focusing on the large format in Korea. Also, the session invites a technician from ARRI Group as a panel for fully ¬technical explanation on filming equipment like cameras.
  Date 15:00~16:30, Oct 15(Sun)
  Venue Grand Ballroom(2F), Paradise Hotel, Haeundae
  Panel Tom Stern : Director of Photography / < The Hunger Games >, < American Sniper > etc
Silvan Liu : Head of Service ARRI Asia
Dave Brown : Gaffer
  Moderator Jaemo Koo : Dean of the Department of Cinematography in Korea University of Media Arts
 AFiS Project Pitching
AFiS Project Pitching is an event where fellows of the International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) each present fiction feature film projects. Since their matriculation in March, the fellows have taken part in a series of workshops for project planning, development and pitching by AFiS faculty members and outside experts. With their diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences, the fellows have interacted and inspired each other in developing feature film projects. In the AFiS Project Pitching 1 at LINK OF CINE-ASIA, 14 selected works will be presented, to be followed by individual business meetings.
  Date 16:00~18:30, October 15(Sun), 2017
  Venue Capri Room(2F), Paradise Hotel in Haeundae
No Title Presenter Genre Nationality
1 Animal Instinct Saken JOLDAS Feature Film Kazakhstan
2 Dancing Like A Star KIM Jaeyoung Feature Film Korea
3 I Think I Can Dream Kaze NG Qin Ying Feature Film Malaysia
4 In The Shade SO Chandara Feature Film Cambodia
5 Nasnas Komeil SOHEILI Feature Film Iran
6 Rebound VAI Yik Pun Feature Film Hong Kong
7 SILVER CLOUDS LEE Yve Vonn Feature Film Malaysia
8 Soulless Body Nutthapon RAKKHATHAM Feature Film Thailand
9 The hunter Thanouphet ONMAVONG Feature Film Laos
10 The Shackled Carol Shu Tjin THAM Feature Film Singapore
11 White Building PARK Sungho Feature Film Korea
12 White Lotus Hkawn Mai Aung Feature Film Myanmar
13 You love me so I can breath
(Working Title)
LEE Yonghee Feature Film Korea
14 your west l my east Fauzan ABDILLAH Feature Film Indonesia
 LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception
The 2ST Asian Film FORUM&Business showcase ▸ LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception
  Date and Venue Oct. 15(Sun) 19:00~21:00, Paradise Hotel Open Garden
 BMDB, Busan Film Professionals Networking Party
A networking party will be hosted for Busan and film professionals based on BMDB.
  Date and Venue Oct. 15(Sun) 20:30~, Hard Rock Cafe