2017 LINK OF CINE-ASIA Video clip

2016 Cine-Biz ASIA Video Clip

Cine-Biz ASIA’s Overview

 Participants Groups
  • 1
       Film Commissions & Institutions (Group A) 
    Business Meeting Registration(Paid) 
  • Participants who are interested in attracting shooting teams to their own locations, or making contracts of relevant businesses
      Film Commissions Attract shooting teams in their own locations & studios
      Production Services Film-making equipments, Virtual technology, Rentals, and other relevant service companies
      Post production companies such as VFX
  • 2
      Projects (Group B) 
    * Supported Participants
  • Participants who plan on making films overseas, hosting overseas shooting or wish to engage in international co-production
      Feature Film
  •   Projects including Web Drama, Web Toon, VR available for transmedia
  •   Any other contents available for distribution
    •   Around 50 Projects will be selected in May
    •    A minimum 6 mandatory meetings with Group A are required
  • 3
      Investment & Production Companies (Group C) 
    * Supported Participants
  • Participants who are interested in project investment, overseas shooting, international co-production, and etc
    •   Around 30 Companies will be invited
    •   A minimum 3 mandatory meetings with Group A and a minimum 5 mandatory meetings with Group B are required
  • 4
  • Participants who wish to make an industry-university-research institution collaboration
      Technologies, Laws, Associations, Educations
      Other related organizations
    Business Meetings & Networking Events with global professionals, experts, and etc.
      Date October 15(Sun)~17(Tue), 2017 /3days
      Time 10:00~17:00 (Meetings will start every hour) * Each meeting will take about 30~40min
      Venue: 1F, Crystal Garden
    • 1. Online Registration for Group A : In July
    • 2. Online Registration for Group B & Group C : In June
    • 3. Online Registration : In September
    • 4. Confirmation of Business Meeting : In September
    • 5. Business Meeting : Oct 15 ~ Oct 17, 2017
 BIZ Badge Benefit
      Admission to Business Matching Lounge
       Admission to Film Professional's Lounge for Networking and Break
    ▶ Venue : Lounge B(complimentary coffee break)
      Complimentary package, including the official publications
      Access to concurrent event such as receptions