1) LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception
The 2ST Asian Film FORUM & Business showcase ▸ LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception
  Date and Venue Oct. 15(Sun) 19:00~21:00, Paradise Hotel Open Garden
 2) BMDB, Busan Film Professionals Networking Party
A networking party will be hosted for Busan and film professionals based on BMDB.
  Date and Venue Oct. 15(Sun) 20:30~, Hard Rock Cafe
 3) ARRI Centennial Party @ Busan
ARRI officially turned 100th! As a small token of appreciation, ARRI would like to held ‘ARRI Centenary Party in Busan’ and pleased to celebrate of centenary in LINK OF CINE-ASIA. Only participant with invitation can access.
ARRI Centennial Party @ Busan (*Invitation Only)
  Date 19:00~21:00, October 16(Mon), 2017
  Venue Outdoor Garden, Paradise Hotel, Haeundae
 4) AFCNet General Assembly *AFCNet Members Only
AFCNet General Assembly is an annual meeting for all AFCNet members (regular members/associate members) from 18 countries. 2016 General Assembly(Oct, 11) will be held at the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae, Busan. AFCNet Project Performance and Financial Report, New Board of Directors Approval and other issues related to the AFCNet development will be discussed during this meeting.
  Date and Venue Oct. 17(Tue) 14:00~16:00, Grand Ballroom, 2F Paradise Hotel
Participation AFCNet members from 18 countries
 5) AFCNet Global Networking Party Co-hosted by ASEAN CULTURE HOUSE(ACH)
AFCNet Global Networking Party will be hosted by AFCNet. The AFCNet Life Achievement Award is established in this year 2017 to honor a single producer for his or her lifetime contribution to enriching Asian Film Industry through motion pictures and television. Also for people, gift Drawing and Reception will take place. Create your global business opportunities with special ‘Gift Drawing‘!
  Date and Venue Oct. 17(Tue) 19:00~21:00, Grand Ballroom, 2F Paradise Hotel