Cine-Biz ASIA(Business Matching)

※ For the participants from 'Film Commissions & Institutions'(Group A)
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 Paid Registration
Business meeting Registration
Type Price Complimentary
BIZ Badge
August - September
BIZ Meeting A $2,000 - 2 15 Daily
(Total 45)
For AFCNet members,
1room for
4nights provided
BIZ Meeting B $3,000 1room
4 20 Daily
(Total 60)
Available for
  • ※ Sharing : If a company which has completed the BIZ Meeting registration would like to have their sub-companies or member companies register in on-line DB or participate in BIZ-matching program, an additional fee of $300 per member-company will be charged.
  •    If there are more than 5 member-companies, beverage coupons will be provided (The number of member-companies × daily 2 coupons)
  •    BIZ Badge should be purchased separately for member companies
  • ※ 10% VAT will be added to all payments.(Tax exempted for overseas companies)
Benefits for the BIZ Meeting Participants
  •   Post participant's information on online database system
  •   Advanced online registration
  •   Beverage Coupon Valid at Business Matching Lounge
  •   Free Accommodation and BIZ Badge will be provided according to the types of participants
  •   Provide sequential interpreter
  •   Guarantee at least 10 Business Matchings
BIZ Badge Price (For 'Group A', this will be charged only for additional badges.)
Type Advanced Registration On-site Registration Note
August ~ September 10.15 ~ 10.17
BIZ Badge $100 $200  
BIZ Daily PASS - $100  
  • ※ Access to Forum Venue is available with BIZ badges.
  • ※ On-site registration for BIZ DAILY PASS can be restricted according to the deadline.
  • ※ 10% VAT will be added to all payments.(Tax exempted for overseas companies)
What is the BIZ Badge for?
  •   Admission to Business Matching Lounge
  •   Admission to Film Professional's Lounge for Networking and Break
    ‣ Venue : Lounge B(complimentary coffee break)
  •   Complimentary package, including the official publications
  •   Access to concurrent event such as receptions
  • ※ BIZ Badge
      Group A BIZ Badges will be provided to [Group A]Film Comm. & Inst. when purchase BIZ Matching Package by paid registration, according to the BIZ Meeting types. Additional badge registration is also available.
      Group B For [Group B]Projects, BIZ Badges will be provided to selected project applicants.
      Group C For [Group C]Investment & Production Companies, BIZ Badges will be provided to invited companies.
    ▶ Please notice that buying badges without registering business meeting is not allowed.