[Media Report]Busan Film Commission, planning to hold FAM Tour for attracting film shooting in Busan.(2017.10.16)
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On the 16th, Busan Film Commission announced that they are going to hold ‘The 2nd FAM Tour in Busan’ with Hollywood Location Managers and Major Korean Movie Production Companies.

This time, Dow Griffith(Bon Legacy), Patrick Mignano(Justice League, Suicide Squid), Todd Christensen(Sicario, Hunger Games serious) and Ravi Krishna Dube(Outsider, Caption Phillips and Bon Legacy) are participating.

As for domestic participants, Producer Danny Kang and Producer Sun Kwon Hwang from Mr. Romance are joining and they are known for working with Black Panther, Sence 8, Batman VS Superman and Avengers : the age of Ultron teams.

During the period, Busan Film Commission is planning to show them 31 major location places.

Moreover, in order to lead to the practical launches for film shootings, on the 21th, the last day of FAM Tour, they will have a presentation about Film Shooting in Busan at Park Hyatt Hotel. Also, they will explain and share some examples of their film-shooting support program, ongoing projects, KOFIC incentive policies and major Korean movie production companies. According to Busan Film Commission, in order to promote Busan, the city to make films released in lots of countries, they are holding FAMTour to launch Hollywood Films.

By Ha Gyeong Min, Newsis []