[Media Report]The 22nd Busan International Film – Busan Movie & Video DB (2017.10.16)
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Busan Film Commission(BFC) is getting big responses from BMDB which was newly established.BMDB is the web-platform whose purpose is to find filmmakers and film industry insiders from Busan in order to exploit the workforce. With the purpose of widening the infrastructure of Busan Film Business and educating professional film workforce, it was established. Not only on the website, it is available to access through the application. Its scale has already reached to around 1560 members.

BMDB helps figuring out how many filmmakers are working in Busan but also providing networks useful for people with the help of the web platform with specialized each member’s profiles.

BFC constructed a web platform.1560 of Busan region movie people have registered.200 people have enjoyed the networking party.

BFC have sponsored a few things including taking profile pictures of 180 Busan actors/actresses. 363 have been updated as actors/actresses now.

Oct 15, in the period of Busan International Film Festival, BMDB was launched for actors and producers. ‘Busan Actor Fierce Fight’ showed people’s passions towards regional movies. Yoon Je-Kyoon, director of Korean famous movie Gukje Market attended the party, said “I have lots of attachment over Busan since I was born in Busan, and I am happy to see lots of passionate movie people of next generation. DB should be actively used to help regional movie people to work in various genres.” Actors and actresses have also expressed their excitement. Lee Dong-Wook, the actor of TV thriller series, Save Me, said “I am happy to see so many people from Busan have passion over acting. I hope country side can apply DB to promote more movie people”. An actor, Go In-Bum, said “It is very elastic to have more chance for casting directors to cast more actors in Busan.”

By Yeo Jin Yoon, Busan Ilbo

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