AFCNet(Asian Film Commissions Network) was established in 2004 and currently has 60 members from 18 countries. In the early stages of its establishment, it used to be operated by the film commissions and associations which are based in Asia.
However, in recent years, the film studios and movie production companies also have started joining in AFCNet. From this year, there is going to be a new program that encourages participants to build up networks regardless of public and private institutions.
According to BISFF(Busan International Film Festival), for their annual invitation program for neighboring countries, they were hoping to have meetings with filmmakers from Asian countries. Finally, in 2017 LINK OF CINE-ASIA, they have got opportunity to meet them. If you would like to have meetings with foreign and domestic institutions which are normally difficult to meet, please contact us and check the more details below.
 Introducing Cases of Local Regional Exchanges
The session will be the time for checking how exchanges have carried out by local commissions & institutions, and what will be brought from those exchanges. Following that, several cases will be introduced; such as exchanges among AFCNet members.
 Pre-Meeting for Future Exchanges
During the [Pre-Meeting] time, you can propose local regional exchanges to whom you want to build future relationships among public organizations and private enterprises though having conversations. Scheduling for Pre-Meeting is available from this September when the list of participants will be set up more than 90%, and there will be an additional room for Pre-Meeting and other additional support for the meeting.
 AFCNet Global Networking Party Co-hosted by ASEAN CULTURE HOUSE(ACH)
[AFCNet Global Networking Party Co-hosted by ASEAN CULTURE HOUSE(ACH)] has been co-hosted by Busan Film Commission and another organization from last year. This year, a producer will be granted anAFCNet AWARD whom he/she has been contributed themselves for the development of Asian Film Industry. There will also be a prize lottery for film makers and professionals in Film & Visual Contents Industry.
 Luncheon & Reception
In order to operate Cine-Biz ASIA(Business Matching)  smoothly, luncheon will be offered at the Paradise Hotel so that Cine-Biz ASIA’s Business Matching participants can save their time and inconvenience of finding restaurants. Also, various kinds of Receptions will be held in the every evening during 2017 LINK OF CINE-ASIA to let every participants meet up each other in a place.